How Do I Keep Track of All My Reservations & Schedules?

Have you ever been on a long trip with visits to different cities? Sometimes it can be a challenge keeping track of airline, hotel, and car reservations. But can help you organize and manage your trips, plus after a short learning curve, it is easy to use, with easy access via your PC, or phone app (Android or iPhone), or tablet. Best of all it is free! There is a professional upgrade option, but the free version is very robust. We use TripIt for all of our own personal trips, plus we set it up for all of our clients.

How does it work? Once you create your account, you merely email you itineraries from hotels, car rentals companies, and airlines to [email protected] consolidates all of these reservations and confirmation data into one itinerary complete with all the information.

Plus has the ability to add links to maps of the cities you will be visiting, save notes about your meetings, and you can even save images. Open your trip and Tripit lists each leg of your flight, tells you the operator of the flight if it is code-shared, the length of the flight, type of aircraft, your seat number, and a link to a map of the airport and its terminals. In addition, when clients are traveling through a new terminal, I will add an image of the terminal in their itinerary. As long as they open the image once, for instance at home, the image will be saved on the device. Then when they arrive at a connection in an airport without WiFi, they can open the image in TripIt and figure out how to get to the next terminal. If they have WiFi or a data plan, they can click on a link to automatically see the current status of their next flight, including current terminal and gate information. Under hotel confirmations there are some nice extras too – it lists restaurants close to the hotel, and has a link to a local map.

Another great feature is its sharing function. You can send a link to friends, family or business associates so that they will know where you are and how to reach you. You can even share you trip with your Facebook friends, although for security reasons, I personally prefer not to publish my trips widely on the web.

There are a host of other options that are easy to add (and free), such as driving directions, and you can easily add restaurant reservations and other notes. So on your next trip, when you are wondering what time the flight leaves on Tuesday, remember, that the entire itinerary for your trip could have been stored on your Android or iPhone, tablet or pc. is easy and very robust. The learning curve is minimal for basic use, and it is FREE. Enjoy it. I don’t travel without it.