Things to Do for a Tourist in Bucharest

Planning to Visit Bucharest – Don’t Miss Out on These Places

Bucharest is a city bursting with culture and traditions. You can observe the effects of war and earthquakes in addition to a dictator’s whims in the city’s history. The construction boom has brought about numerous high-rise towers and dazzling glass facades with it that increase in number with every passing year.


The Beaux-Arts-style palaces of the city from the early 20th century make it no less than a heaven on earth. There’s so much that a traveler can enjoy ranging from museums to its scenic beauty. Here are the best things you can do while in Bucharest.


Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum – A Must-See Site

A gigantic outdoor museum covers the complete west end of the Herastrau Park, with over 270 buildings of historical significance in it. Dimitrie Gusti, the eminent sociologist, who established the museum in 1936. The ancient houses it accommodates can be traced back to the 18th century.


You’ll find the sign and information boards displayed on the streets. If you don’t understand the text in the local language, feel free to use an English Romanian translation service online. The constructions are mainly of cob, wood, or stone. You’ll observe a unique style and features wherever you go and observe ranging from the Danube Delta’s brightly painted walls to the beautifully crafted portals in Berbesti.


The Parliamentary Palace in Bucharest

The parliament of Romania exists in the Parliamentary Palace. It’s a building of great magnitude and a place that best encapsulates the megalomania of Nicolae Ceausescu. You’ll get an opportunity to visit:


  • The biggest administrative structure across the globe,
  • Having an area of 365,000 square meters in total,
  • With a massive unoccupied space.


Almost three-quarters of the building stay empty despite having government offices, reception halls, and museums.


The Parliamentary Palace’s construction not only incurred the developers a lot of monetary costs but also thousands of labors lost their lives while constructing it during the latter half of the 1980s. A visit to the palace provides you with a 360-degree stupefying vision of the internal space of the building. Once in there, do visit the Museum of the Palace, the National Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Museum of Communist Totalitarianism.


Don’t Miss Out the Neoclassical Romanian Athenaeum

If you want to have an authentic experience of the George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra, do visit the Neoclassical Romanian Athenaeum – an extraordinary venue for performances. The imposing structure has beautiful gardens all around it, and it was constructed in 1888. In 1992, the structure was thoroughly restored to prevent it from collapsing.


The gilded stuccowork embellishes the grand dome, and over 650 people can be accommodated in the seats of the circular concert hall. The most important historical events of Romania reflect in the epic fresco over the hall’s frieze. They organize the George Enescu Festival there in September every year. It’s one of the major classical events in Eastern Europe, so don’t miss out the culturally rich performances in the hall.


Want Something to Eat? Visit the Food Hood Bucuresti


The food carts in Bucharest are arranged in the town. You’ll find the genuinely North American concept of food trucks in the capital of Romania. The trucks offer you a mix of bunting, bands, and bars. Once there, you can not only relish from the wonderful Romanian cuisines, but can also indulge in events of all kinds like record fairs, badminton, and yoga. Dining at nights brings you to live music and breathtaking performances.


Visit the Market and Get a Taste of the Street Snacks

If you are a foodie and like to dine in a relaxed atmosphere, you must take a tour to the Bohemian Market. It will allow you to try out the all-time-favorite mici street snack. Also, there’ll be local beers from the breweries of the country craft. You’ll have a genuine insight into the town culture of Romania by wandering in the streets and visiting the spots of sociopolitical significance like Strada Batistei and the University Square.


Make a List of These Places and All-The-Best with Your Trip

If you’ve chosen Bucharest to spend the vacations, that’s the right choice. You’ll go to a place with a lot of tales and living evidence of dramatic history, inspirational buildings and museums. Note down the areas we have suggested and make sure you have the popular street snacks in the Bohemian Market.